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A CEO’s Guide to Make Employees Care about Strategy

Most CEO’s and board members spend a lot of time and energy, not to mention money, in getting their corporate strategy messages across to their workforce. This can mean travelling to every office, talking about it in videos, and printing high-quality flyers about specific strategic initiatives. This is, of course, a great thing, and most employees appreciate a visit from the CEO or a board member, but a real discussion is hard to achieve in a formal, planned … Read more...

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Defining Digital Corporate Culture

For most big companies, strategic initiatives are all about innovation, mobility, being social, getting closer to employees, working contextually, and creating networks of people. As we move more and more into the second machine age, we find ourselves digitizing culture and, to support that change, implementing platforms that foster these huge organizational changes. The simple boss, manager, employee hierarchy doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

Digitizing company cultures requires an understanding of the workforce that goes beyond KPIs, … Read more...

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Measuring Relevance

It doesn’t really matter which enterprise social networking (ESN) platform you have implemented, or are implementing. There are a lot of platforms out there, some good and some great… Sitrion Socialanybody? It is all about the digital culture on that platform that will either make or break your investment. Most companies that are using ESN today have come up with strategies, or social roadmaps, and, to support these strategies, have tried to translate corporate strategic initiatives into